3 minutes

How accurate is my perception and feeling of clock time? Does my felt experience of duration have any connection to the language humans have built to understand and study time through?
 As I am trying to recite seconds in the correct pace and rhythm, staring at the furniture and surroundings where I spend most of my time these days, where I feed myself and where I work, I try to reclaim the seconds, to stretch time out by addressing it out loud. I let my experience of quantitive time manifest itself in my physical surroundings through sound, and the wall stretches out to meet me, or to devour the kitchen table and everything on it. It moves to the rhythm of actual, correct measurements of clock time, the real seconds, by orders from software in the computer. The correct seconds peel off the wall as if they were physical manifestations of brief moments, or spacetime bending to correct my subjective experience of an objective truth.