Under the seams runs the pain

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Samuel Thompson-Plant

In Every Dream Home a Heartache 2020.
06:36, MP4

Lie On a Surface On Your Back / 2020


Lie on a surface on your back, with no head rest.

Raise your right hand into the air and drain the fluids from your right arm into the chest.

When it reaches the chest, stand up straight, and let the fluid drain down into your feet, it should fill your feet and ankles and rise to a point approximately 20cm from the ground.

Lie back down in the same position as the first instruction and repeat with the left arm.

Stand up, rotate with your eyes closed and count to 10, when you get to the number 7, stop and open your eyes, and speak the name of the thing that is in front of your immediate line of sight.

When saying the word, the throat will open and all the fluid from your head will fall through and down your chest cavity and into your legs, joining the fluid from the arms.

This should fill approximately another 40cm. Your legs and half of your torso should now be filled with 80cm of fluid.

Lie back down, put your feet against the wall and crawl up the wall with your feet until you are as upside down as your body allows.

The fluid should naturally fall out of your eyes, nose, mouth, nipples, ears, genitals and hair follicles.

Lie back down, no head rest, under a source of natural light.

If you still feel fluid inside you, don’t panic, it is necessary fluid.