EX-Club PART III flypaper traps

Flypaper traps plants ensnare bystanders with a sticky layer, with drops that act as an attractant. Unable to let go, consumed on the surface and drawn in by a mix of multi-chain sugar molecules and acids, only the exoskeleton remainings as evidence of their demise.
Flypaper traps is the sticky and smooth part III of the ongoing online exhibition.
1  The fun, Hilda Kahra
2  montage, Chih Tung Lin, 2019
3  Seduced and Abandoned, Sara Blosseville
4  Pencil Drawing, and: I watch smoke coming out from a small chimney —., Sonja Donner
5  two towels on the beach, Hilda Kahra
Distraction task — A second for me to miss, Lina Herrmans
7  in an endless loop, Hilda Kahra
8 Whisk, Miina Aho, 2020
9 When are we?, Maija Fox, 2020
10 shape, Chih Tung Lin, 2020
11  Somewhere to stay alivE, excerpt from "The heart oFF pipeS, Ragnar Elnyg
12 I have a dream, Chih Tung Lin 2018
13 baby red cheeks, Delmira Xuxu
*glossy traps, Ignata Elana


“They came and ate all the seeds”, 2020

Ex-Club — Online Publication PART I.
With the participants Appu Jasu, Sara Blosseville, Lena Schwing-shandl, Ingrid K. Bjørnaali, Richard Magee, Olga Spyropoulou, Jani Anders & Eeva Rönkä

Ex-Club collaborators are Cáit Máire Ní Dhuinnín, Shia Conlon, Amanda Lono


Before the insects start to grind their million bodies,

before impulse scatters the deer into the trees,

before desire:

there’s a rest.

The dawn and the day observe each other.The herd begins to move over the field, one shared dream of grass and wind.

The small stones of their hooves in the stoney field.

I’ve exhausted my cruelty.

I’ve arrived at myself again.

The sun builds a slow house inside my house,

touching the stilled curtains, the bottoms of cups

left out on the table.

Jenny George

exclub part III 2021