EX-Club PART III flypaper traps

Flypaper traps plants ensnare bystanders with a sticky layer, with drops that act as an attractant. Unable to let go, consumed on the surface and drawn in by a mix of multi-chain sugar molecules and acids, only the exoskeleton remainings as evidence of their demise.
Flypaper traps is the sticky and smooth part III of the ongoing online exhibition.
1  The fun, Hilda Kahra
2  montage, Chih Tung Lin, 2019
3  Seduced and Abandoned, Sara Blosseville
4  Pencil Drawing, and: I watch smoke coming out from a small chimney —., Sonja Donner
5  two towels on the beach, Hilda Kahra
Distraction task — A second for me to miss, Lina Herrmans
7  in an endless loop, Hilda Kahra
8 Whisk, Miina Aho, 2020
9 When are we?, Maija Fox, 2020
10 shape, Chih Tung Lin, 2020
11  Somewhere to stay alivE, excerpt from "The heart oFF pipeS, Ragnar Elnyg
12 I have a dream, Chih Tung Lin 2018
13 baby red cheeks, Delmira Xuxu
*glossy traps, Ignata Elana


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